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DPF in St Albans, Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City | Diesel and Turbo Cleaning

M Wilson Motor Repairs offers a complete range of DPF services to motorists in St Albans, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City and Hertfordshire. From turbo cleaning and DPF cleaning, to DPF regeneration, we keep diesel particulate filters operating at optimal levels. The DPF is a feature on diesel models and one that has been in use for two decades. The filter captures and stores exhaust soot to reduce emissions. A DPF only has a finite capacity so, to successfully regenerate, it needs to burn this soot off.

Without ongoing maintenance, the DPF becomes inefficient and, eventually, has a negative impact on engines and performance. Below, we take a closer look at the more important elements of DPF cleaning and regeneration services, as well as turbo cleans.

M Wilson Motor Repairs has an extensive range of automotive services available in St Albans and the surrounding areas, including Volvo servicing and car repairs on all popular makes and models, and Class IV MOT testing.


DPF Regeneration

The key to DPF cleaning sits firmly with the regeneration process. A DPF regenerates in two ways:

Passive Regeneration

DPF regen occurs when cars run at speed on long stretches of motorways or roads. These journeys increase exhaust temperatures to the required levels for soot burning. We advise diesel owners in St Albans, Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City to drive at sustained speeds for 30 to 50 minutes, creating ideal conditions for passive regeneration.

Active Regeneration

Short journeys rarely allow for sustained speeds and passive DPF regen. Because of this, active regeneration occurs. This involves the automatic injection of extra fuel when a DPF reaches a predetermined soot limit of around 45%. By raising the temperature of the exhaust, DPF cleaning takes place to burn off soot.

The regeneration process might not reach a full conclusion over a shorter journey, leaving the DPF partially blocked and warning lights illuminated.

DPF Cleaning and Turbo Cleans

Inadequate DPF regeneration is the main cause of diesel particulate filter issues. M Wilson Motor Repairs provides customers in St Albans, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City and Hertfordshire with practical solutions at affordable prices. We use Forté equipment and products to deliver industry-leading results. This includes use of a Power Clean, a 4-in-1 cleaning machine renowned for its performance.

We never need to remove parts to produce outstanding results.

The four aspects of cleaning include:

  1. Diesel Turbo Clean – This treatment cleans the variable geometry vanes and turbines of turbochargers. We perform turbo cleans by injecting treatments into combustion chambers for immediate results with no dismantling.

  2. Fuel Injection – We use a concentrated cleaning solution to clean fuel injectors, combustion chambers and intake valves without the need for dismantling.

  3. Air Intakes – Using a special tool, we inject cleaners directly into air intakes to remove contamination from the inlet valves and manifolds without dismantling.

  4. DPF Cleaning – With DPF cleaning, a solution cleans and flushes out ash, soot and other contaminants from blocked diesel particulate filters. This restores original operational performance without having to remove the DPF.

For more information on DPF cleaning in St Albans or the wider Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City and Hertfordshire areas, call 01727 830 539 or 01727 835 408.