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Volvo Garage in Welwyn Garden City | Why you Should be Servicing your Volvo Regularly

We understand that sometimes it may be a worry about whether or not your Volvo needs servicing. Our Volvo garage is here to go through the reasons for regular Volvo servicing.  Many Volvo repairs may seem too costly but you can avoid this by sticking to the repairs schedule. We use Volvo diagnostics to determine the service necessary for your car in Welwyn Garden City and the surrounding areas.

Read on to find out why you should be servicing your Volvo and other things you need to know.

Reasons for Regular Servicing

There are many reasons for you to get regular Volvo servicing. We look at the two main reasons you should maintain your car.

  1. Safety- Although Volvos are known worldwide as safe cars, this is only when they are in proper working order. We start with Volvo diagnostics to determine what Volvo repairs your car will need. In our Volvo garage in Welwyn Garden City we will do the servicing and repairs to your car at a fair price. With a well maintained Volvo you are less likely to have an issue with your car that could put you and those around you in a dangerous position, such as having a breakdown on a busy street.
  2. Service History- Another reason to keep your Volvo servicing schedule up to date is to avoid losing residual value of your car. By getting Volvo repairs you are receiving the stamps you need. Keeping your service book stamped will look very attractive to any potential buyer in the future. This is something that can ensure your car keeps running for longer, for you or a future buyer.

Other Considerations

When you bring your car to our Volvo garage we ensure you get the reliable parts. Before this we conduct Volvo diagnostics to ensure we get to the root of any problems that may arise. We make use of original manufacturer parts or OEM equivalents for all Volvo repairs in Welwyn Garden City and the surrounding areas. This is very important as some Volvo servicing companies use inauthentic parts which are cheaper, however they will not benefit the car. These fake parts could cause you to need servicing more often than if you got manufacturers parts.

Contact our Volvo garage on 01727 830 539 or 01727 835 408 for all your Volvo servicing needs in Welwyn Garden City and the surrounding areas.