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Servicing, Repairs and Car Diagnostics in Hatfield | Everything from MOTs to Brake Repairs

M Wilson Motor Repairs does whatever it takes to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Some customers from Hatfield only book in for car servicing and MOTs because they have to, or they use us for car repairs and car diagnostics because a fault stops them from driving. Others, however, use us because we offer more benefits than most. Brake repairs and clutch repairs, for example, might keep you on the road, but we’re here to offer you more.

Air conditioning repairs and engine rebuilds, are just two garage services we offer that many of our competitors can’t. In addition, because we are a Volvo garage as well as a general garage, we can provide Volvo servicing, Volvo repairs and Volvo diagnostics.

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Below, we take a closer look at the unique service benefits our company can deliver, and we also explain why they make us such a trusted choice with motorists from Hatfield and the surrounding areas.

Car Servicing

  • Car servicing is a preventative form of maintenance. A service can catch minor issues before they develop into something bigger and more expensive

  • A service keeps the cars of our Hatfield customers running at optimal levels with better fuel economy and less wear on engine parts and components

  • Book in for car servicing, including Volvo servicing, with an independent garage and we can still stamp your book to preserve a service history and your vehicle’s resale value

  • A service from M Wilson Motor Repairs matches main dealerships for quality but comes at a lower price because we have fewer overheads to absorb

Car Repairs

  • Car repairs ensure that worn or damaged parts won’t worsen to cause more serious damage, and could protect your gearbox and engine from failure

  • We use original or OEM parts for brake repairs and clutch repairs, and we work to manufacturer schedules which match the standards of main dealerships

  • M Wilson Motor Repairs offers a responsive range of repairs and garage services including Volvo repairs, to get you back on the road as quickly as possible, and to keep you there

  • We can offer a prompt inspection of your braking or transmission system, and provide you with a free quotation for brake repairs or clutch repairs


  • MOTs take between 45 minutes and 1 hour to perform. With flexible appointment times, we can conduct your test with minimal disruption to your day

  • If you have personal or work commitments, our Volvo garage offers a free pick-up and delivery service with handy collections from all parts of nearby Hatfield

  • MOTs ensure your car meets current DVSA standards for safety, roadworthiness and emissions, with tests performed by qualified inspectors

  • Our customers can book MOTs up to a month before the expiry date of their current certificate, and run both certificates concurrently if a car passes the test

Car Diagnostics

  • Our technicians perform car diagnostics by plugging a code reader directly into the ECU port. This helps us to identify subsystem faults quickly

  • Our car and Volvo diagnostics save our Hatfield customers valuable time and money. The process cuts out lengthy and unpredictable mechanical troubleshooting

  • Diagnostic checks identify problems related to dashboard warning lights. Our code readers allow us to reset the subsystem after servicing or repairs

  • The practice of car diagnostics is the key to successful engine management. We regularly invest into the trade’s most innovative diagnostic equipment

Air Conditioning

  • A functional air conditioning system controls humidity, purity, temperature and air movement, making conditions better for drivers and passengers

  • An air conditioning service removes contaminants from the system. This benefits anybody with allergies, and it also protects them against asthma

  • Air conditioning systems lose up to 15% of their refrigerant every year. We advise Hatfield motorists to top up their coolant with us annually

  • Remember that without a service and required air conditioning repairs, systems store allergens and pathogens that could lead to illness with you or your passengers

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If you come from Hatfield and would like more information about our garage services, please call us on 01727 830 539 or 01727 835 408.